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Welcome to Direct Quid

Direct Quid was launched to assist customers who are in need of direct payday loans  until their next Payday. We are a licensed payday broker  offering   payday loans from £100 up to £1000. The process of application is very simple. Apply online in 2 minutes and get your cash in 1 working day. Your loan is passed through a panel of lenders. We offer an Instant Decision Online within 2 minutes.  Our aim is to help our clients in every way that we can until their next payday.

Direct Payday Lenders offer an Instant Decision Online

The benefit of using Direct Quid is that we have a high approval rate on all loan applications. Our quick online application is fast secure and 100% confidential.

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Interest  Charges of Direct Quid

The lender charges are based on a 1223.6% interest rate. For example if you borrow £200 you will have to payback £248 at the end of the month.

At Direct Quid, the main aim is to help you decide appropriately, when it comes to finances, as well as training you to borrow astutely. There are terms and conditions that are well laid out and cover all bases from the process of loan application, credit renewal processes, default and late repayment conditions and much more. As a client, you have to understand these rules. When applying for a loan, choose one that you can service with the greatest of ease.

Collection of Loans

Depending on your lifestyle, Direct Quid will offer you loan collection options so that you do not have to strain when it comes to repayment.

Default Cases

To stay safe, you have to pay the loan on time. This way, you do not fall into the pit of penalties, higher interests and many other rules underlain by the borrowing policies. If you find yourself in such a situation, not all is lost, you can opt for loan restructuring which saves your credit reputation, and even though it raises the interest, you do get out of debt easily.

Late Payments

Late payments of a loan attract a late payment fee, depending on the size of the loan. If you think you will  delay on the repayment, you have to deliver the information early enough to the lender who approves the loan , so that you can provide them with the necessary information. The late payment details are also specified in the terms and conditions.

Loan Renewal Option

When you need to have your loan renewed, you need to get in touch with the lender . You will be informed of the interest rates available to you once the old and new loans have been combined. If you do not remit your loan repayments, your loan can be extended, or in other instances renewed subject to the approval of the lender. This will affect your credit score and you will get additional charges on the repayments as well as an increase in the interest rates.